the guy in my dream.. (Posted September 7, 2009)

hai.. i just woke up.. something’s bothering me.. or should i say.. someone’s bothering me.. i deamt of this guy friend hugging me in front of our friends.. it was so weird kasi no one seemed to be bothered kahit na we’re hugging each other to think na we’re not really into it..i mean.. we’re not boyfriend-girlfriends. sad reality, he was not the person i should be in love with.. i dont know what’s happning to me.. it might be because.. for the longest time i was being teased with this guy.. a friend even told me that she will not be surprised if i fall for this guy.

his sweet.. thoughtful.. caring.. and he treats me well enough to be a princess.. kahit anong gusto ku binibigay.. more of like he’s courting me in his way i dont know.. sobrang taas kasi siguro ng pride neto at hini xa showy.. my friend told me na baka  yun daw yung way nia on courting girls kasi ayaw daw neto ng showy.. e sorry xa..dumidikit xa saken.. eh lage akung controversial.. kasi naman, everyone’s always making pansin of the every deatils in me.. magpost lang aku sa fb.. me nagrereact.. hello.. its a democratic country naman di ba?? ayokong iisipin na me malisya yung lahat ng pinapakita saken ni guy kasi magkaibigan kame.. going back, i dont think he is into kahit ang lahat ng opinyon ng taong nakapaligid samen eh “he is”

well… ayun.. i dreamt of him..  this is what’s bothering me  now..

in the first place, i should asked myself why am i being bothered by this dream? siguro kasi me nafifeel na ako para ke guy.. its something unusual kasi he’s not my type of guy.. but he’s so sweeet at yung lahat ng pinapakita nia.. kung naiba lang ako matagl na sigurong nahulog yung girl.. he’s the kind of guy who will do anything out of his normal self for the person he loves.. yun yung nakikita ku sa kanya so far.. im not into the idea that he loves me.. pero sabi nung mga friends ku that “he does..”

i was in between the guy i loved most and the guy “whom people think loves me”.. it was so awkward to talk about the first guy in front of the latter., kahit pa sabihin na walang confirmation from the latter that he loves me.. still its awkward kasi nga me rumors.. because the way people noticed it, it was like he was really into me.. sabi ku nga i will not believe it until such time na xa mismo yung magsabi saken face to face na “hey! im into you..” sabi ku dun sa isa sa mga post ku sa fb.. im ready to take my chances naman eh…. kasi ok naman talaga xa eh.. well, dun sa mga pinapakita nia sakin, its enough.. he’s too good to be true.. kahit na nga si first guy eh ang description ku eh “he’s too perfect to be true..” im still wiling to take my chances with the latter.

manhid nga daw ako sabi nung friend ko.. or ayaw ku lang daw talaga iadmit na ganun yung sitwasyon… siguro kasi kaibigan ku yung tao at ayokong bigyan ng malisya kung anu man yung pinapakita nia.. i was so happy nga when he finally found his “betterhalf” but then after sometime, they broke up.. i dont really know what happened pero i know it was something they both decided to happen.. after they brokeup.. ayan na naman yung rumors.. ai kahit pala nung isa pa nung girl eh m rumors parin.. i dont care kasi alamkong wala akong ginagawa..

sakin lang namn kasi,if you like me, just tell me.. hindi naman ako manghuhula.. ayoko din mag-assume.. sabihin man nila na “manhid” ako wala akong paki alam.. basta ang alam ku.. basta wala kang sinasabi eh walaakong iisiping iba..

he’sthe guy in my dream.. so ironic pero parang mepart of me na gusto na xa ilagay sa reality..


-hmmm. last post from Ha-‘ney, _the vampire girl_

i cant name names here. this guy was so public. hahaha.


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