kf supremacy outshined detractors (posted Jan 22, 2008)

Kf, we will soar up high… imagine,
being compare to a humming
laking iba natin dun.. Kf will always
be as colorful as the
rainbows after a
strong heavy down pour…

i will always cherish the
people i
have been with for the past years..
thank God, He knows who to
put in the
publication office.. o diba?? we were
there because it was
destined… we
made slsu community sparks to the
highest level right.. we
dont spark
for the wrong reason..(example neto eh
ang paninira sa ibang
publikasyon para
lang me bumasa sa mga akda nila..
kawawang bata.. di man
pinagkalooban ng Diyos ng matinong pag-
we spark on
the right track.. the
right path.. which is toward the

kuya wilyam.. no matter how many
detractors you have,
you will always
be our kuya who knows everything…
that alone makes other
shining shimmering people’ envious..
kaw ba naman ang EIC ng
ang official publication ng
university.. haha… eh di
inggit ng mga un.. haha..

cess.. mushyness is just our way
showing people we care.. we reacted so
much on that ’stupidity’ because
love the organization we tried to
regain the supremacy for the
years.. and of course, we love the
organization because of the
inside it.. the intelligent and
reasonable persons behind the
of our university in the region 4..

dads… silence is always
the best way
to say you care… i always knew it,
your silence speaks a
lot.. lets just
take the ‘paninira’ as something to
make our gems more
shimmering one” sabi nga ni kuya
diba?? we are his “hiyas” na
yearly eh
napopolish… well we were polished
and our sparks are the true
sparks of
a gem.. not fallacy.. hehe..
sometimes, we have to go down
pedestal in order for them, im
refering to our sparkling
to reach us.. they cant reach us if we
dont go down, that would
be hard for
them, only bright people with CS can
do that..

sometimes, we have to express
our emotions in order to get even…
kelangan na laging api apihan
ang bida.. remember, tayo ang bida
dito at
luma na ang mga eksenang
nagpapatalo ang bida at tanggap lang
ng tanggap
ng batikos.. we are in the
modern world of high technologies and
softwares.. tayo lang ang
nakakaafford nian.. idol nga nila tayo
and sometimes, protecting what
you love most is one way of telling
that you are a great person
because you do not allow others to
hurt them

kuya essex, showing emotions is not a
sign of weakness.. it is
sometimes the
start of something sparkling… haha..

janlo, its
our right to fight for what
we believe in is right… and what we
in is always right.. kaya nga
tayo nasa taas diba?? we allow
but not in the extent of
criticizing the credibility of our
progenies… haha parang anak…
because our writers and
artists are our successor.. the
persons who would continue our
to be able to soar up high.. since we
soared high… its
responsibility to maintain the
supremacy and its nice to know
they will also fight for the
organizations we have fight

kf seniors (our successor.. the future
EDs) dont let fear
overcome you..
tandaan, tayo ay mga elitista na ang
tanging hanggad eh
magtagumpay sa
larangang ating pinilit tahakin… at
ang pagtahak na ito
ay worth it di
ba??? haha… i love you guys and no
other polarbear
sparkling people could
bring us down… we have a lot of
supporters out
there… tandaan, nasa
atin pa din ang huling HALAKHAK..


-now i miss KF.


About purplishexistence

Hi! I'm Honey Conteres, 22 yrs old. I used to be a PreMed student but i happened to realize that to be a doctor is not my calling so after i graduated BS Biology, i cut the rope that would connect me to working at any hospital sometime in the future. I'm currently working at an outsourcing company as a Support Professional. I love to communicate with people. I love to express my feelings in its most basic form and that is writing. I used to be a writer when i was in college and I used to compete in different Press Conferences for young budding journalist. According to my College Adviser, "Freedom is the highest form of writing!" and that's what i keep in mind. I love purple. I love Twilight. I love Taylor Swift. I love Superman. I love Harry Potter. I love Edward Cullen. I love Clark Kent.
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