kaasar ang sinabawang gulay!!! arggh… (posted August 31, 2007)

bakit ganun??? its always me who suffers.. nakakainis isipin that the person you had wished all your life eh ayun, in somebody’s arms na… arrgh… why its always me who feels the pain??? i’ll try to forget about that damn bastard who took away my heart… in an instant gumuho mundo ku ah… and that girl.. damn her… baket nia sinagot….


dont she know that im the only one fitted for a guy like him?? nakakainis talaga…. damn you spidey… youre such an idiot…. hope you’ll regret this… kainis!!!!!!!!!!! makulay ang buhay ha??? i’ll make youre life miserable… you and that girl’s life…. argh…. <exag lang…hehe.. broken hearted eh..>


-hahaha.. another stupid entry. this was for my spidey. si rob. hahaha. i remember why i posted this. i saw rob posted on his friendster “makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay..” that was a TVC before for a seasoning. then i found out that the girl he was courting already said yes. ouch. it was like, we were friends before and i thought.. we understand each other.. that’s what i thought. hahaha. sooo much for my highschool love.


About purplishexistence

Hi! I'm Honey Conteres, 22 yrs old. I used to be a PreMed student but i happened to realize that to be a doctor is not my calling so after i graduated BS Biology, i cut the rope that would connect me to working at any hospital sometime in the future. I'm currently working at an outsourcing company as a Support Professional. I love to communicate with people. I love to express my feelings in its most basic form and that is writing. I used to be a writer when i was in college and I used to compete in different Press Conferences for young budding journalist. According to my College Adviser, "Freedom is the highest form of writing!" and that's what i keep in mind. I love purple. I love Twilight. I love Taylor Swift. I love Superman. I love Harry Potter. I love Edward Cullen. I love Clark Kent.
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