anyone can read it.. (posted Oct 21, 2007

my gosh.. i never thought that Mussaendas could be this so annoying.. simula ng magalit ang taxo instructor namen sa class namen and she even gave us a terrifying 5.0 in our final term.. my gosh!! what the heck!! i never really appreciate the beauty of Mussaendas… i even wrote an article entitled “the day i hated plants:Fairy lilies vs Mussaendas”.. hay.. its really annoying.. fave ku pa man din xa.. but its so irrelevant… basta..

on the lighter side… i have this trip sa tagaytay on the 25th.. hay.. and guess what??? i will be joined by my soulmate/… haha.. yeah.. kasama xa sa trip… parang i could not refuse the call.. i still love the guy i had known and longed and dreamed for the past four years of my college life… ewan ku.,, all i know is that the day i had seen loitering around the campus.. that’s it.. wearing that yellow astro boy shirt.. i know he will make a difference.. right now, i cannot imagine my college life without the gut who turned my boring college life into somewhat interesting one.. haha.. sabi nga nung x-frend ku na inlove na ulit ngayon eh “makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay” haha… basta.. all i know is i loved to be with him… kahit pa nga sabihin that my grad is on hang dahil sa thesis.. i will still choose to be with the guy.. that’s three days.. and i hope sa three days na yun marealized namen that were meant.. haha… meant to be frends.. yeah.. showbiz… well, people come and go pero xa… i hope hindi… he’s one of those people that ive met na ayokong mawala.. he became a very big part of my life… i always believed that everything happens for a reason… the day we met, the night i saw him sa ballroom night namin… the days we used to call and text each other.. the day we became hausmates… the day we watched a theater play sa ccp together… the day we used to laugh and talk sa rooftop ng bvh… hay.. i miss those times.. alam ku its not a coincidence na naging hausmates kame,… i believed there’s much deeper reason behind it.. malay natin.. 5 – 10 years from now… i just hope..

well, i believed were soulmates… hindi man sa earth, siguro sa heaven…


-well.. now, he’s married with one kid. unhappy though. that’s what he said the last time we saw each other. about 3 months ago. tsk. its been 4 years when i wrote this and a lot of things happened. we were like on the peak of our getting to know friendship, though we knew each other for more than 6 yrs. it was sad. i cried. i shed a lot of tears for this guy. i guess, we’re not meant. but i believed in soul mates. because he was mine.


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Hi! I'm Honey Conteres, 22 yrs old. I used to be a PreMed student but i happened to realize that to be a doctor is not my calling so after i graduated BS Biology, i cut the rope that would connect me to working at any hospital sometime in the future. I'm currently working at an outsourcing company as a Support Professional. I love to communicate with people. I love to express my feelings in its most basic form and that is writing. I used to be a writer when i was in college and I used to compete in different Press Conferences for young budding journalist. According to my College Adviser, "Freedom is the highest form of writing!" and that's what i keep in mind. I love purple. I love Twilight. I love Taylor Swift. I love Superman. I love Harry Potter. I love Edward Cullen. I love Clark Kent.
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