been MIA for quite long..

ive been MIA for quite long. hahaha.. sorry peeps. i was too busy with all the stuffs. ill try to update you guys about what had happened for the past 2months that i wasnt able to blog. huhu.. that was quite too long.

March 23 was my baby sister’s (HANNAH KARYLLE) birthday. we celebrated it at her school.. disney princess was the theme. you know kids nowadays. they are so into fairy tales and princesses. hahaha. as if i wasnt like them. hahaha.. i still love princesses and fairytales. will be uploading pix on a separate entry.

April 17 – the most tragic day. AJ perez passed away. He was involved in a vehicular accident where he was the only fatal person. Sad much.  i was stunned by his untimely demise. “why him?” was my first reaction when my tita told me about it. i came from work that morning of the 17th. i was in the doorstep when my tita saw me and said “Do you know AJ Perez? He’s dead!” i was like, “AJ? whaaaaat???”. my sister even added.. “he’s your crush right? si DIDO?” my mind cant still accept what i’ve heard so i opened the computer and looked for details. and that was the confirmation of everything. and then i was shocked. i went upstairs.. to my room, and cried. (that was PALM SUNDAY)


April 17 – outing with the ryujins.. it was Zai’s bday celebration.. we went to bosay resort in antipolo.. it was a night of fun and laughter and bonding with the shiftmates. we talked about AJ’s death. they were like tapping me at the back saying that it was ok. Aj’s in God now. during the outing, i would find myself going into shocked. still cant believed about what happened. the morning after, we went to LSGH to mourn.


April 19 – MJ’s birthday. we went to veterans to celebrate her day. her dad is confined there so we have no choice but to celebrate there. HAppy bday MJ!


April 22 – my brother’s (RIGOR) birthday and GOOD FRIDAY. i went home in Laguna. we went to Bukal.. my family’s sort of farmland. we stayed there until 3pm and then went home to attend the procession. it was my “panata” to attend the procession every year.


April 23 – BLACK SATURDAY. we were in Pagsanjan, Laguna. Sort of birthday  celebration of my bro and my baby cousin, SHURA MAE. it was a swimming party.


APRIL 26 – AJ’s internment at the Manila Memorial. i still can’t believed that he’s gone. gone too soon. “grant eternal rest unto AJ O Lord. May the perpetual light shine upon him and may he rest in peace.”


May 1 – ATHENA’s first out of town GA. we went to batangas for a beach trip. we did a lot of great things. Boat ride, snorkling, sun bathing, it was fun.


May 3 – MJ’s dad passed away. after our beach trip, we mourn. ouch.


May 8 – MOTHER’s DAY. went to Tagaytay to celebrate. it was raining so hard but we got the chance to bond. my cousins are one of a kind. my mom, dad and HANNAH were not able to come because my baby sister has chicken pox. SAD much.

May 10 – MJ’s dad’s internment. we went to San Pablo, Laguna to mourn with MJ. it was sad. her dad was a retired military so there were gun salutes on the internment. it was also JUSTIN BIEBER’s concert in MOA. and fun day at work. (anime costume)


May 13 – happy birthday Robert Pattinson! Smallville also ended the 10 years this day. sad much. i will miss Clarkie. i wanna watch the finale. sad to say that no philippine channel will be airing it. it was actually the 14th in the philippines. time zones really matter. hmp!

May 15 – Pahiyas time. bonding with my college friends.


May 21 – end of the world. that’s according to some religious groups. Renka and Ye’s last day at the office. sad much. im gonna miss you guys.


May 24 – i was having a bad dream when AJ appeared in my dream and said that i needed to wake up. Thank you my angel.


May 26 – AJ’s 40th day. i know you’ll be home soon my angel.


i think this was pretty much what happened for the past two months. ill be placing a separate entry for each day. i just needed time. hahaha..

















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