C.K. and smallville

My hero. Clark Kent.

Tom Welling as Clark Kent

I started watching smallville when i was in highschool. That was way back 2002. I just loved the plot. the story of superman’s beginning. I was fond of superhero stuffs, yeah you can say that. The man of steel is my epitome of a true hero.

I love smallville. Why not? There are a lot of things to love about it. Before, i used to watch it because of Tom Welling. I loved him til now. He is still my Clark Kent even if Superman Returns appears to have Brandon Routh as Clark Kent. I dont doubt Brandon’s capability to be CK, i would just be happier if it was Tom who wore the red and blue suit. now, CK will be portrayed by a new man.. Henry Cavill. Im excited to watch the new film but it would be great if Tom will be the one. Im still waiting for Tom to wear the infamous suit… few episodes left and my dream will finally come true.

Brandon Routh in Superman Returns

Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry Cavill

Tom Welling

Smallville started May 2001 and it will end on its 10th year, May 2011. Finally.. after 10 long years.. CK will finally unleash his full potentials.

Smallville started on a meteor shower. Kal-el, aka Clark Kent, came down on the meteor shower with his ship. Smallville is a down town place in Kansas City. CK found Jonathan and Martha Kent when their truck accidentally stumbles during the meteor shower. Since the Kents doesnt have any child, they adopted Clark. At the age of 3, the Kents realized that Clark was special. He lift the table as if it was just a matchbox. and that was the beginning of everything.

the kent family

On the first season, Clark just entered Smallville Highschool where he met Lana Lang (his first love), Chloe Sullivan (his bestfriend) and Lex Luthor (the frenemy.) The cast also includes Pete Johnson and the rest of the Smallville students. Clark experienced a lot of adventures as the season progressed. He managed to hid his true self, that he is an alien.  Smallville was also infected by meteor rocks. People who have been infected possessed different abilities and that makes the smallville worth watching. and even as of today, i still find it worth watching. even if Clark moved to Metropolis, i still find the episodes exciting. Of course, Clark Kent wouldnt be the man we knew today without the amazing woman behind him, Lois Lane. BTW, Lois Lane was the cousin of Chloe Sullivan in the series. It amazing how they manage to add Chloe on the series because, she plays the most important role, she was the one who we will know as the Watchtower.

Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan

Michael Rossenbaum as Lex Luthor

(Kristin Kreuk)Lana Lang and Clark Kent

(Erica Durance)Lois Lane and Clark Kent


I love the DC heroes who appeared in the series.. and one of my favorites is the super handsome Green Arrow (hyperventilating!).

Justin Hartley as Green Arrow

What i love about the series is how they never run out of adventures. 10 years is so long but i guess everything has to end no matter how much we love something. im looking forward to see the other characters i grew up with.. im looking forward to see Lex Luthor again on the final episode. He was gone for 3 seasons and its a good thing that he came back. Clark Kent would be Superman without Lex Luthor.

The best lesson on this series is that no matter how strong you are.. you still have a single weakness.. and for CK, it was the Kryptonite.

I have a lot to say about Smallville..but im running out of time.. i need to prepare for my cousin’s bday party. hehehe.. and dont worry i will be updating soon.


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