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I never thought that id be this hook..










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watching #BlusangITIM


I heart you @FrankMagalona…

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My New Prince Charming

Im not a fan of tagalog shows.. movies and all that. I just find it “baduy”.


When i was younger, i remember watching english movies. My childhood favorite was “DAYLIGHT”. I dunno, but i just love films like that maybe because i was boyish before and i love Sylvester Stallone.I also love Adam Sandler and 50first dates. Then later on, i was introduced to Harry Potter and that became a personal favorite. Daniel Radcliffe was my childhood crush. I believe i was 11 years old when it started. I read the books… all of it. Talking about books, i was never a fan of tagalog books as well. I remember reading Dungeons and Dragons like the series of 1-100 when i was in grade school. Those are my faves. Even in songs, i used to sing “how deep is your love?” and i was like 4 or 5 that time. Right now, im so into Twilight and Robert Pattinson, Josh Duhamel and Ashton Kutcher. So, get the point,  i was never really a fan of tagalog stuffs.


But unlike other conietas, i have my fave local celebrities din naman. When i was in grade school, i love John Prats. Sooper. As in i watched G-mik every saturday. That’s my fave tagalog show before. I watched other shows din but its random. I was so hooked to John Prats and i even remember that there was one time i cut my classes (which turned out na wala naman pala talagang pasok. stupidness me.) just to attend a mall show na andun si John. It lasted until i was in college. Then i saw the late AJ Perez in About your Love tv show and i got hooked. He was younger but i dont care. His face was just so angelic.. parang si John lang before. And now, im getting hooked again. Take note, he’s a certified conio. haha. Pero he’s in local showbiz. Does that count? haha. Anyways, im talking about the son of the Late Master Rapper, Francis M. No, not Elmo, he’s too young. Im talking about the other son who just entered showbiz, Frank Magalona. Omigosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hyperventilating!) hahaha.


I dunno. It was like he is perfect. I mean, it was given the fact that he is the son of a celebrity kaya siya nasa showbiz but there’s more to him behind that big fact. He graduated in the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts. Gosh… so inspiring. I mean, he’s so talented. He plays instrument, he paints… bonus na lang na good looking siya.


I first saw him sa likod ng office namen. That was before he entered showbiz. He was outside the ministop, drinking a bottle of san mig light in his jeans, tshirt and rubber shoes. As in walang ere. sobrang simple. I was like, “that’s Frank Magalona!” and my officemates were like, “ha? sino yun?” OMG.. he was not that popular pala. I mean, i knew him kasi I am a fan of his dad. I remember, i stopped right there in front of him while holding my coffee and just staring at him. He stared back just for few seconds then drinks his beer. As in walang paki if someone is watching him.


That was the Frank i first saw. Then after several months, he was launched as GMA’s new leading man. His first show was his first lead role opposite Robin Padilla’s daughter, Kylie, -Blusang Itim. I was like… WTF! englisero kaya yan si Frank and then you’re gonna put him in a soap opera. yun ang akala ku,. hahaha. I watched the show and waited for his first appearance. Model modelan pala role ni kuya na richie rich. very suited sa kanya. His first acting job? clap.clap.clap.  He’s good. Pero mas humanga aku sa kanya dun sa scene nya sa me shore.. crying and saying the line.. “Eto ang araw na namatay ang ama ku.” I felt the pain. He’s still in pain sa pagkawala ng dad nia. Sad.


Then you’ll be wondering what brought up this topic? I just saw him lang naman yesterday sa Shang. I was going out of the mall and he just got out of his car. dang! he is soo hot! Just in his simplest shirt, pair of jeans and rubber shoes. sobrang simple. walang BD walang PA.. as in solo lang. I was stunned sa place ku. I starred at him and he starred back. Eh konte lang peeps sa shang nun. I think he was thinking na, “who’s this girl kaya and why is she starring at me? crush aku neto…” hahaha.. the latter part was just a joke. hehhe, hindi i mean grabe naman talaga. Tulala mode lang aku teh. Ang yummy. hahaha. I went back sa loob ng shang. Texted a friend to accompany me. I had my camera with me pero nahiya aku magpapicture, as in sooper hyperventilating. Ilang beses ku siya nakasalubong. It was never planned, I swear. Buti maliit lang ang Shang. hahaha..


And i tweeted him immediately. Now Im loving frank. hahahaha.. I watched Blusang Itim’s previous episodes. Salamat sa internet. Mahgosh! ang gwapo. hahaha, prince charming ang role nia dun..


I think i might consider him as my new prince charming, hahaha. @frankmagalona ILOVEyou. MahalNAkita. hahahahaha..

p.s. next time na makita kita.. papapicture na talaga aku.

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XMEN First Class

Im such a fan of superhero stuffs.

I love Clark Kent. I love Bruce Wayne. I love Logan. and I love Charles Xavier better known as Professor X. I even have a girl group named Justice League when I was in college. We were named JL because according to the person who named us, we were their saviors in different fields. We were just four in the group, Sheryll Racsag, Melissa Amparo, Rachel Gallano and myself. Our super powers? our talents. hahaha.

I was never really a fan of Xmen but I Love Prof. X powers. Telepathy, mind reading and all that. Maybe that’s why i love Edward Cullen.

I hate Xmen simply because i dont see any sense of superheroes fighting with each other. I do know that every superhero has its own villain but it was so frustrating that the DC universe still considered Magneto as a Superhero where in fact he was like the Xmen’s supervillain. It doesn’t make any sense not until I watch Xmen First Class last night.

Xmen First Class is basically where it all begun. It was before Prof X, Magneto and other DC characters where named. The setting was way back 1960s when America and Russia were on the verge of fighting. I think it was right after World War 2.

“Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-MEN.Written by Twentieth Century Fox  ”

I love the charaters.

James McAvoy as Charles Xavier aka Prof X

Michael Fassbender as Erik Lenhsherr aka Magneto

January Jones as Emma Frost and Jason Femmyng as Azazel (aka Hellboy hahaha. joketime to eh)

Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy aka Beast

Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw

Jennifer Lawrence as Raven aka Mystique

Lucas Till as Alex Summers aka HAVOC

Caleb Landry Jones as Sean Cassidy aka Banshee

Rose Byrne as Moira McTaggert

Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvadore

Edi Gathegi as Darwin

Alex Gonzalez as Janos Quested aka Riptide

It’s good thing that CJ sat beside me. I have someone to ask questions with. BTW, we watched it right after the game of pinkies (titan’s team). CJ, Jigs, Lucille and Lyn were my movie buddies. We were supposed to watch Kungfu Panda 2 but it so happened that cinemas where full and the movie already started as well. It was a good decision to watch Xmen. I learned a lot.

The movie is great. Its visually entertaining. I love the effects, the pacing and the story plot. The scenes are so realistic. Hopefully, more movies like that to come. I didnt get bored all through out.

Watching this film made me see the reason why Magneto became Prof X’s enemy. Like Lex Luthor to Clark Kent, they also started as best friends. Now I know why your best friend is also your worst enemy.


Xmen First Class is still showing on over 100 theaters nationwide.

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the guy in my dream.. (Posted September 7, 2009)

hai.. i just woke up.. something’s bothering me.. or should i say.. someone’s bothering me.. i deamt of this guy friend hugging me in front of our friends.. it was so weird kasi no one seemed to be bothered kahit na we’re hugging each other to think na we’re not really into it..i mean.. we’re not boyfriend-girlfriends. sad reality, he was not the person i should be in love with.. i dont know what’s happning to me.. it might be because.. for the longest time i was being teased with this guy.. a friend even told me that she will not be surprised if i fall for this guy.

his sweet.. thoughtful.. caring.. and he treats me well enough to be a princess.. kahit anong gusto ku binibigay.. more of like he’s courting me in his way i dont know.. sobrang taas kasi siguro ng pride neto at hini xa showy.. my friend told me na baka  yun daw yung way nia on courting girls kasi ayaw daw neto ng showy.. e sorry xa..dumidikit xa saken.. eh lage akung controversial.. kasi naman, everyone’s always making pansin of the every deatils in me.. magpost lang aku sa fb.. me nagrereact.. hello.. its a democratic country naman di ba?? ayokong iisipin na me malisya yung lahat ng pinapakita saken ni guy kasi magkaibigan kame.. going back, i dont think he is into kahit ang lahat ng opinyon ng taong nakapaligid samen eh “he is”

well… ayun.. i dreamt of him..  this is what’s bothering me  now..

in the first place, i should asked myself why am i being bothered by this dream? siguro kasi me nafifeel na ako para ke guy.. its something unusual kasi he’s not my type of guy.. but he’s so sweeet at yung lahat ng pinapakita nia.. kung naiba lang ako matagl na sigurong nahulog yung girl.. he’s the kind of guy who will do anything out of his normal self for the person he loves.. yun yung nakikita ku sa kanya so far.. im not into the idea that he loves me.. pero sabi nung mga friends ku that “he does..”

i was in between the guy i loved most and the guy “whom people think loves me”.. it was so awkward to talk about the first guy in front of the latter., kahit pa sabihin na walang confirmation from the latter that he loves me.. still its awkward kasi nga me rumors.. because the way people noticed it, it was like he was really into me.. sabi ku nga i will not believe it until such time na xa mismo yung magsabi saken face to face na “hey! im into you..” sabi ku dun sa isa sa mga post ku sa fb.. im ready to take my chances naman eh…. kasi ok naman talaga xa eh.. well, dun sa mga pinapakita nia sakin, its enough.. he’s too good to be true.. kahit na nga si first guy eh ang description ku eh “he’s too perfect to be true..” im still wiling to take my chances with the latter.

manhid nga daw ako sabi nung friend ko.. or ayaw ku lang daw talaga iadmit na ganun yung sitwasyon… siguro kasi kaibigan ku yung tao at ayokong bigyan ng malisya kung anu man yung pinapakita nia.. i was so happy nga when he finally found his “betterhalf” but then after sometime, they broke up.. i dont really know what happened pero i know it was something they both decided to happen.. after they brokeup.. ayan na naman yung rumors.. ai kahit pala nung isa pa nung girl eh m rumors parin.. i dont care kasi alamkong wala akong ginagawa..

sakin lang namn kasi,if you like me, just tell me.. hindi naman ako manghuhula.. ayoko din mag-assume.. sabihin man nila na “manhid” ako wala akong paki alam.. basta ang alam ku.. basta wala kang sinasabi eh walaakong iisiping iba..

he’sthe guy in my dream.. so ironic pero parang mepart of me na gusto na xa ilagay sa reality..


-hmmm. last post from Ha-‘ney, _the vampire girl_

i cant name names here. this guy was so public. hahaha.

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some good things never last… (Posted January 30, 2009)

some good things never last.. that was the saddest part of reality.. i started joining my newest family may 26 of 2008.. that was 8months ago.. and now.. we’re nearing our twilight.. the difference is  that the twilight provides us hope for a better tomorrow.. this twilight that i will be experiencing.. its ending a great today.

march 31, 2009- it will come to its end.. worst  comes to worst. my friends and i will definitely have to seperate ways.. same company.. different programs..

its  sad.. its like giving a candy, the sweetest and most expensive one, however, before you could even savor every inch of it, somebody will stole it from your mouth, leaving you mouth watering.

reality bites.. i felt like i want to cry when i heard the most tragic word so far.. “Sprint shaw is closing on March 31.” whhhat????????? what the hell.. im now worried because the program will closed. i am not worried about my work because i know etel will give us one, however, i am worried about these people that i have come to love for the past 8 months of being with team draco..

i will miss them.. definitely..

si kuya pat.. my teammate turned kuya.. hai.. ill miss his jokes and the way he scrutinized sprint people.. i will miss our bonding and the laugh.. huhu.. you take care pattie.. take care of baby pj..huhu.. we have been closed for the past months and ill treasure it.. papayat ka na.. and the next time i will see you, dance like the way you used to. kamuka mu si lloydie.. haha..

si joan… my best bud.. my twin.. hai.. sana magkasama pa din tayo sa  next project. ill miss our kwentuhan and all that.. waaah.. mahal kita friend..take care ha?mwah..

si ate abbie m.. my ate.. my movie pal,, hai.. mamimiss ku movies natin and all that.. huhu..last page..

si abbie g.. my pretty pal.. coffeeholic girl.. mamimiss ku ang mga kwentuhan natin.. page..

si tl  mon.. and her advises.. mamimiss ku ang bonding natin.. mwah..

si kuya alex.. and his banat.. hahaha… mamimiss ku ang pang-aasar sayo..

si trix.. the business minded girl..mamimiss ku ang movies natin.. sana we can still watch movie..

si kuya arnel and his hair na super kulot..

si kelly and his/her new kulot hair and his/her pose.. mwah..

si shiela.. and her simple banat..

si kuya john,., the brotherly way of giving advises..

si ate ayin.. sana kayo na ni kuya alex..

si nalds din pala.. sana you came early to work haha..

and who else.. team draco,, i’ll miss us..


– i miss DRACO. get together na.

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a vampy life (Posted January 22, 2009)

“he called me a vampire girl and he was my vampire. he got the sweetest blood i’d smelled for the past 20 yrs of my existence.. i treid to stay away from him..he tried to stay away from me. but we just got the same answer.. we dont have the strength to stay away from each other anymore..”


haha.. im his vampire girl..
i dont wanna be a wolf’s girl anymore… if he’s a wolf, i will be his wolf girl.. but he’s my vampire..
there’s a lot of vampires in town.. some complicated… other’s taken.. i got a complication with a taken vampire in the environment that im staying for the past 9 months of my life.. i know its wrong.. but i can’t resist the smell of his blood. his blood is like a drug to me.. although not as strong as my vampire’s.. but still im longing for this taken vampire’s blood.. i know he’s longing for mine too… but there are things in life that can’t really happened.. as what my “cool” vampy friend told me.. “we have to limit our idea of hopes and dreams because there are things in life that only little mermaid and cinderella would experience..”

..yeah, i believed so. that’s why i stayed away from him.. but with my vampy’s, no matter how much i tried to stay  away from him.. fate’s bringing us together.. well.. that is destiny..its not being soulmate, because we are vampies.. well i think its forever..


– i think it was still about jepie. tsk. intoxicated by his presence.

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